Reasons On Why Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Timur Uses IEYC As Its Learning Structure

IEYC or international early years curriculum is one of the best learning structures you can find in preschool Jakarta Timur. Among many schools that adopt the learning, Global Sevilla is one of the most successful institutions in adapting it. The implementation itself is also with reasons, something that highlights the versatility, flexibility, and focused design of IEYC.

Early Years Program In Global Sevilla

Early years programs in Global Sevilla are separated into five different classes. Each class depends on the age, which meant to create the most optimized education according to students’ capability. At the same time, the school also employs IEYC as the structure for its study. Throughout the curriculum, the school can tailor more fun and engaging learning.

Not only the approach, but Global Sevilla also underpin the fact that IEYC has its focuses on six areas of learning and development. Children are monitored and accessed through their capability in growing their skills, complying with varying aspects from social, communication, numeracy, motoric, creativity, and understanding of the world.

International Early Years Curriculum

Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Timur implements IEYC for many reasons. It includes the ability and focuses on providing more engaging learning for children. The young learner also has a chance to develop more personal development, comprising the six areas of learning. With the help of Global Sevilla’s education level, students get the chance to develop more and be targeted.

Other reasons include IEYC’s ability in providing complex young learner guidelines with or without formal prequalification. The structure of the curriculum is also considered flexible, which indicates that every school’s accreditation or country can implement it. It also gives another meaning that the curriculum can blend or assimilate with teachers’ needs.

IEYC also has its eight learning principles or strands, which highlight the key to young learner education. Since the curriculum focus on child learning, the preschool in Jakarta Timur also shifts its assessment aspect from measuring outcome to children’s development and learning. The reasons fit with Global Sevilla’s purpose of providing a thorough education for both academics and character.

As one of the schools that can understand the importance of education for young learners, Global Sevilla develop and introduce IEYC due to many positive points. The curriculum is focused on children, it is flexible, versatile, and covers various learning goals or stage provisions. That is why global Sevilla can offer the best education for young learners. Don’t miss it and check out Global Sevilla.