Find Out 3 Nearby Preschool Jakarta Barat For Children’s Promising Future

The proximity of the family’s residence to their young children’s school is an important factor in choosing the correct school to put them in. That is why a parent must consider the pros and cons of finding the nearest but still highly qualified schools around their living area. Underneath are promising preschool Jakarta Barat for people living around the city.

  1. Global Sevilla International Preschool and Kindergarten Jakarta

Located in Pulomas, Jakarta Barat, Global Sevilla can be your first choice of preschool for your three to four years olds. Not only is it located in a strategic area, but Global Sevilla also employs the incredible curriculum that is the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC). Specifically aimed at younger students in their early education period, IEYC will help them to develop speaking and listening skills.

Global Sevilla is also a high-quality preschool for people living in Jakarta Barat, because of the resourceful facilities they offer. In this preschool Jakarta Barat, there is a medical nurse in case of minor emergencies. In terms of facilities for children’s development like instruments for sensory skills improvement and wide grass fields for physical learning are also available.

  1. Indonesia Montessori School

Indonesia Montessori School has a few branches spread in some areas, one of them being precisely in Jakarta Barat. Montessori school is known for their applied international curriculum even for the younger or early year students. They think that the foundations of basic abilities should be constructed from a young age to achieve a strong academic future.

Some basic skills are being taught like communication skills, literacy, math, and science, to balance out the positive impacts that their young students will receive. This preschool Jakarta Barat prioritizes Montessori programs in hope that their students will improve their outstanding self-images and faith in themselves to solve problems with optimistic thinking.

  1. Kinderland Preschool Pulomas Jakarta Barat

The last nearby preschool with excellent programs that can be found around the area is Kinderland. Ever since its establishment back in 1978, they have been utilizing its three main curricula as Move with Music Programme (MMP), Technology Integrated Learning (TIL), and Kinderfit Programme (KF). A perfectly fair program for children’s development.

To sum it all up, there are many preschools in Jakarta Barat, and the information above has provided you with only the best of the best options. In conclusion, Global Sevilla International Preschool and Kindergarten will be the safest and the finest school to register your precious children into for a great early academic establishment and a better future.